Congratulations on such a good show yesterday. Standing back now really makes me realise what a very high standard of competitors your show attracted and I think that’s all to do with you positive attitude and the fact that you make the competitors feel as though they matter.

I know you’ve got a long list of things that can be improved but overall I have had great feedback from people in the crowd as well as competitors.

Bronwen and Sam both had lots of fun and Bronny is now highly motivated again to compete (possibly end of next year) with ANB.

I’ve spoke to Fiona last night and she was very positive and proud to be associated with your show – THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING. She has incredibly high values and was extremely happy to finally be associated with a fair federation.

Well done sunshine, you ran a very tight ship and I’m very pleased to be associated with it.

If there’s anything I can do to help arrange the next show, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jo Collopy

Hi guys,

Just a quick note. Went to the Queensland ANB on the weekend and just loved it. Very professional show, fantastic athletes, great MCs. Over all very impressed, good job guys. I’ve been to all the QLD comps this year, and this show by far the best.

Matt J

Just want to say how awsome the event was on the weekend. It is my first year of competing and have to say I had an absolute fantastic time. The event was run professionally but with a lot of fun thrown in. Can’t wait to be involved more with ANB competitions in the future. Keep up the fantastic work.

Kylie Cook

Thank’s for helping me become the 1st ANB female Professional bodybuilder

I would like to thank you for and accept the Professional status being offered to me as a bodybuilder in the WSNO/ANB Federation. I am looking forward to the new challenge that this has now set for me. To achieve this in such a short period of time with the ANB Federation is a nice surprise. I feel we have extremely strong competition in Australia so I know that when the team go over to Canada in June that we will all do very well.

After competing in my first year with the ANB I picked up an awesome sponsorship with Bodyscience, what a difference that has made for me. They have given me the ability to utilise supplements as I need and have provided professional advice which was extremely helpful during the last year of training. In addition to the supplements I have a great trainer, David Driscoll from e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and my husband Adam who have both provided me with more knowledge about training and have persevered with me to push me that little bit further.

I cannot go past the ANB team also, anytime I have any queries regarding anything to do with training or competing I am able to either email or call one of you guys, in particular you Ron, so thank you for helping me become the first WSNO/ANB female Professional bodybuilder.

By achieving this title I have also been able to secure a clothing line sponsorship with MOB clothing 0405138888. These guys are saving me a small fortune in training gear and they are even going the extra step and providing me with evening wear (so you can imagine how much I am loving that!). I’ll have my website up & running soon thanks to Bodyscience so everyone can get to see the great stuff they have.

I am hoping I can bring the Professional title home but I am realistic that the competition is going to be very strong with a lot more competitors. I’m up for the challenge though and look forward to representing Australia in June.

Once again, thanks to the WSNO/ANB team for being so FANTASTIC & supportive. The QLD trip to the Australians this year was great fun & to come home with a victory for NSW was the icing on the cake.

Terri Stone

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