Hi again everyone,

I can’t believe that we are now in October and that this is my 31st blog
with the amazing ANB Australia website.
This has been another very busy year for CW in terms of my teaching
career, clients I have been assisting to help achieve their chosen goals,
my own offseason training and judging WA state contests.
My decision to have this year away from the bodybuilding stage was
based on my quest to make some changes to my physique by
improving some of my weak points via extra rest and recovery and hard
Currently I am around 8kg or so above my stage weight but can still see
my abs as well as separation in my quads. My golden rule for the
offseason is to never get too fat as dieting back down is risky in terms
of losing hard earned muscle mass whilst going hard for an extended
period trying to lose all that ‘excess baggage’.

It’s not very enjoyable either!!
My goal now is to compete in one more season of Masters competition
in May next year so as to round out a wonderful decade of Masters
contests. I will then look forward to moving into the Grandmaster’s
division (50 years and over).
Some may refer to this division as the old timers league, which whilst
true, still inspires me to still strive to improve and present as muscular
and aesthetically pleasing a package as humanly and NATURALLY as
I have continued my own version of HIT style training this year with just
3 workout days per week. This has allowed me to get plenty of rest and
recovery time whilst training relatively heavy.
To maintain lowish body-fat levels, fast metabolism and general
cardiovascular health I have been doing 4-6 thirty minute cardio
sessions per week as well.
My macronutrient intake has been quite consistent with around 180g of
carbohydrates, 250g of protein and 90g of fats per day. The carbs may
seem low but as one gets older the requirements for carbs is less whilst
protein requirements increase a bit. The vast majority of my fat intake is
from essential fats (eg: nuts, fish oils, avocado, whole eggs, etc).
Below is my current body part split which sees me training each muscle
group directly once every 9 days and indirectly once during that time
Day 1: Quad’s and standing calf raises
Day 2: Chest, biceps and forearms
Day 3: Hamstrings and seated calf raises
Day 4: Delts and triceps
Day 5: Back, rear delts and traps.

CW’s first go at judging
It has been an honour and a privilege to give something back to this
great sport after being asked to both feedback judge and judge at 4
state titles during 2014.
“Feedback judging” is a new innovation whereby you don’t actually
score the competitor but instead write several comments about them
that include both recommendations for improvement as well as
commendations regarding their physique, presentation and
performance. Competitors have found this to be very informative and
useful and have appreciated the service. I also really enjoyed the front
row seat and the challenge of constructively criticising all the great
talent displayed on stage.
ANB legend and SA promoter, David Salamon, actually asked me to
officially judge the ANB WA State Titles in September. I again found this
to be a very rewarding opportunity and was glad he requested my
services. As it turned out my decisions were pretty much in line with all
the various placings across the different divisions. I also managed to
write down a few comments for the competitors as well!
The ANB WA show, whilst still in it’s infancy, proved to be a very
entertaining afternoon and evening with some amazing talent on
display. David had left the music routines in as an option for
competitors which again added to the shows overall ambiance and
general entertainment value.
My gorgeous daughter, Lauren, was again asked to be a trophy girl, so
dear old Dad was well pleased with this and very proud too, just quietly.

It was also very nice during early October to be in Melbourne and able
to attend Maria McCarter’s amazing ANB Victorian Titles. This was a
huge show with some great line ups and a tremendous overall
atmosphere. It was very nice catching up with some of my Victorian
buddies that were competing on the day…Roy Purvey, Duncan McLean,
Bruce Hatfield, John Guzman and Aaron Braithwaite. It was also great
accompanying my long time buddy a natural Victorian icon, Graham
Clarke, to the show.
Congratulations Maria all your hard work once again paid handsome
dividends with such a terrific and entertaining bodybuilding/fitness
As you can see from the pics below my so called, ANB family, is very
important to me and I love touching base with as many of them as
possible as often as I can.
Bring on the ANB WA State Titles next May where I intend to present my
best ever package as a Masters competitor for the last time before
entering the over 50’s category later in the year.

CW’s quest for better pecs!!
I have been a chronic deltoid presser for all the years I have trained and
have worked hard these past few years to try and press with my pecs
and consequently take the load off my battered ACL joints.
While I was in Melbourne I went to see Louise’s Myotherapist Michael
Bordignon who operates from his clinic next to Doherty’s headquarters
in Brunswick.
He showed me how to pinch my shoulder blades together and keep
them there throughout the movement by practicing against a vertical
wall. And to do this in between my sets of dumbbell presses.
Ok so what I been lifting has been fairy weights, but what has been a
revelation was finally getting that sensation of chest pressing as
opposed delt pressing.
So I guess that means by the end of this year CW should have pectoral
muscles like Arnold!

A big back workout for you to try!

Just recently cranked an awesome HIT back, rear delts and traps
session with my superwoman Luscious Louise at Non Stop 24 in Port
1. Plate loaded wide grip front pulldowns
2. Unilateral close grip Precor pulldowns
3. Overhand barbell bent rows
4. Seated Precor plate loaded narrow grip low rows
5. Bent over dumbbell raises lying on a shallow incline bench
6. Heavy dumbbell shrugs
Below is a pic from last October’s IFBB WA State titles.
The goal for my back is to always add more width AND thickness and
this won’t happen from pulldowns alone.
As the great Lee Haney once said…
“If you want a great back, then ya gotta ROW!!!”

(Cheers Robert Czempinski for the photo).

A lighter workout suggestion
About a month ago I gave myself a couple of weeks of lighter training
after a period of heavier HIT style training so as to rest my joints a bit.
Here was a lighter Chest & Biceps workout that I trialled…
1. Technogym Unilateral plate loaded seated presses
2. Hybrid Incline dumbbell fly/presses
3. Cross bench dumbbell pullovers
4. Pec-deck
5. Precor unilateral plate loaded preacher curls
6. 21’s with reverse barbell curls
7. Seated barbell wrist curls
Lighter weights, focused on that mind to muscle connection, no sets to
failure, slightly higher reps and got a great pump.
I do believe it is very important to occasionally back things off to allow
some super-compensation to take place.
CW’s Posing Tips…
“The Rear Lat Spread”
This pose is without doubt one of the most difficult to master.
Shown here is a recent attempt after a workout at Non Stop 24, please
excuse my offseason ‘blanket’!!
First pin back your elbows to show off the lower lumbar musculature or
‘Christmas Tree’ as it is often referred to.
Next tuck your thumbs into a point just above the back of your pelvis.
Then slowly drag your thumbs around to the front fanning out the lats
all whilst punching your fists into your sides to help stretch out the
scapulae so as to create the illusion of great width.
Allow your elbows to move forwards slightly for one final spread of the
lats before dropping your shoulders and flexing down on the latissimus
into your waist, this then creating a harder look.
Do NOT lean forward, as this will prevent the judges from seeing your
wings due to the fact that they are situated at a point lower than stage
And finally, do NOT look down either! (which, by the way, goes for any
of the compulsory poses!!).
All the best to all competitors strutting their stuff in their next season of
bodybuilding competition.

Something motivational!
One of the great aspects I love about the sport of Bodybuilding are all
the motivated, focused, like-minded and positive people you meet.
We all love to train hard, whether we compete or not and share a
passion for health and strength via the iron game.
The experiences I have had with my fellow competitors has always been
one of mutual respect and have also found that the concept of sharing
knowledge and ideas has never been a problem.
This is something that we must all take on board as it greatly enhances
our sport and paves the way for more to follow. If we can keep on
perpetuating camaraderie and community then the future must surely
be bright for our bodybuilding health and fitness lifestyle.

CW’s Icarian Supersquats!
I remember when I suggested to the owners of my gym…Chad, Amy and
Brendon that this piece of equipment is an absolute MUST to have in
their gym.
To my delight they came through with the goods and made CW a very
happy camper!!
Happy that they acquired it, but then apprehensive due to the realisation
of the hard workouts to come!!
The Supersquat enables you to sink into a perfect half squat so as to
really isolate the quads all whilst taking the lower back, glutes and
hamstrings out of the equation.
I find it very hard to isolate my quads whilst barbell squatting as my
lower back and glutes are very strong and just want to dominate the
movement. So this should enable CW to bring up his quads and
hopefully make a statement the next time he hits the bodybuilding
Definitely worth trialling in your next leg workout!!

CW’s HIIT cardio suggestion
It’s been a while since I have been game to do some High Intensity
Interval Cardio after my last pre-contest phase from 2013.
So, a few weeks ago after Delts & Triceps session I decided to give it a
crack, this on the good old cross-trainer.
I always kick off with a low intensity ‘cruise’ for 3 minutes.
I then triple the intensity level and sprint as fast as I can for 30 seconds.
This then followed up with a 90 second cruise with the intensity level
backed off to what it was at the start.
So now at the 5 minute mark I will again triple the intensity and then
sprint again for 30 seconds, with a 90 second cruise with one third the
intensity to take me to the 7 minute mark.
This sprint/cruise combination is then repeated on the odd minute
marks (ie; 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 minutes) with a 2 and a half minute cruise at
the end to take you to 20 minutes in total.
This type of cardio is very grueling but very effective in terms of
thermogenically burning fat, stimulating your metabolic rate, releasing
GH and supplying you with a nice amount of endorphins as you get off
the cross-trainer on completion of the session.
When performing HIIT cardio sessions be sure to space them out during
the week with rest days in between.
Three sessions per week is optimal.
Definitely worth trialling if you are bored sobless from doing long low
intensity cardio sessions.

Anyway that’s about it from me for Blog #31 and I look forward to
creating my next installment for you to peruse around Christmas time.
Until then train hard, set some goals and keep enjoying our awesome
bodybuilding health and fitness lifestyle.
And all the best for this last part of 2014.

Kind regards as always, CW.