Hi again everyone,

Well here we are at the end of 2014 in what has been an extremely busy year WITHOUT competing in bodybuilding competition.

I believe it is very important for us all to sit down on a daily basis or every once in a while and list all those things we are both thankful and grateful for. This puts you in a great frame of mind as well as assisting you in maintaining a positive persona.

So, here are some of the things I am grateful about from 2014…

1. My fantastic fiancée, Louise, moved over to WA from Melbourne meaning we are finally together under one roof after 5 years of interstate travel.

2. My gorgeous daughter Lauren married her very nice fiancé Anders.

3. I was very fortunate, whilst taking the year off from contests, to be given the opportunity to both feedback judge and formally judge at several physique competitions in both season A and season B.

4. The people I have assisted with their body transformations have all done very well with one of them actually winning his division and a state overall title!

5. The students at the school where I teach have done well with their Mathematical studies, with some of them voicing their appreciation, which is something we don’t see a lot from teenagers these days!!

6. I have been able to continue my great relationship with the owners and members of the gym where I train, Non Stop 24 Hour Fitness in Port Kennedy, with my regular tips section on the 24 Hour Blog link via their great website. (You may want to check it out from time to time as I regularly post some useful tips, info and hints http://www.nonstopfitness.com.au/#!blog/cr0w )

7. Even though this year has been another busy one I have still been able to get to the gym to train, catch up with friends and family and spend quality time doing the simple things with my partner Louise. Always so important to maintain that life balance where possible.

Why don’t you take the time to write down all the positive things that have unfolded this year, you might be surprised at just how fulfilling that can be as well as something you can look back on in times when negativity starts to creep in.

CW’s new training routine

I have made some good gains this year whilst training only 3 days per week.

My reasoning for this was to allow plenty of rest and recovery time after several years of competing in physique contests, to give a few niggles a chance to heal and to experiment with my body by trialling a ‘less is more’ approach.

As my offseason draws to a close the time has come to step this up to 4 days per week but with a program to still allow maximum recovery time.

The following 6 day split is a program I used successfully several years ago whereby each body part is trained once every 9-10 days and indirectly twice via other body parts…

Monday: Quads & calves
Tuesday: Chest
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Biceps/Triceps
Friday: Hamstrings & calves
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: Delts & calves
Tuesday: Back, rear delts & traps

Other great features of this program include body parts rotating onto different days each week and short, sharp sessions where you can really focus on a muscle group hard with maximum intensity.

So if you are feeling a bit overtrained and your gains have started to plateau then this routine might be worth giving a shot!

CW’s Beef & Greens…

250g premium beef mince, green beans, Olive Oil, pink Himalayan sea salt, cracked black pepper and the ‘secret’ ingredient “African Grill” spices.

Tastes fantastic yet so simple, quick and easy to throw together!

2 slices of buttered Burgen whole grain bread, a glass of red and I’m as Larry!!

Here is a great shot of legendary 3 time Mr O, Frank Zane (circa 1977,78,79), cranking out a rare crab trap-over most-muscular pose.

And on the right is CW at a similar bodyweight to good old Frank (~190lbs) trying to emulate the same pose.

I think Frank has smoked me here!!

Elevated cortisol levels are catabolic and something we need to avoid, where possible.

If you have a stressful day job then you may find that training afterwards may raise your already elevated cortisol levels even more.

I have personally found that training on non-consecutive days helps remedy this and allows your levels to come down before your next workout day.

The study attached addresses this in more detail.

Worth taking into consideration I reckon.


Many people have asked me what supplementation to I use to enhance my well being, training and bodybuilding.

So listed below is CW’s Supplement list:

Vitamin C, E, B



Swisse Men’s Multivitamin



Olive leaf extract

Fish oil

MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine

Organic MACA powder

Whey Protein isolate




CW’s top 10 reasons why Bodybuilding is awesome!!

Some people that don’t know much about the bodybuilding lifestyle will dismiss it as a vain sport for egotistical narcissists.

Others that have been in the iron game for a few decades or so know that this is not the case AND that the health benefits are extensive to say the least…
1. Hanging on to your muscle mass as you age has been shown to have tremendous anti-ageing properties. The more lean tissue you have the faster your metabolic rate which in turn helps you keep the fat at bay without even trying.
2. Recent studies have shown that retaining muscle as you get older also assists with brain function.
3. Weight bearing exercise also helps ward off the dreaded Osteoporosis by maintaining your bone mass.
4. My doctor informed me recently that weight bearing exercise is even more effective for heart health than cardio itself. It also very effectively lowers your blood pressure.

5. Muscle, tendon and connective tissue is strengthened which in turn supports your joints as you age.

6. Maintaining muscle tone also helps prevent your skin from moving south!
7. Weight training has been shown time and time again to improve one’s self-esteem, reduce anxiety levels and help manage or even shake off depression.
8. The camaraderie and kinship in bodybuilding is very rewarding. Being able to associate with enthusiastic, positive, driven and motivated people has to be good for both the heart and soul.
9. Taking pride in your appearance via bodybuilding might be considered vain but at the end of the day the old adage applies…”Look good, feel good, am good!!”
10. Bodybuilding teaches you great self-discipline which then filters off into other areas of your life. You just find yourself being more focused and organised.
So to the naysayers CW says think again and perhaps even consider taking out a gym membership!!

A HIT delts & triceps workout you might like consider:
1. Technogym plate-loaded military presses
2. CW’s Larry Scott style side lat raises
3. Precor side lat machine raises
4. Precor plate-loaded seated dips
5. Heavy Dumbbell kick backs
6. Overhead cable tricep extensions with the rope handles
NB: I always train rear delts and traps at the end of my back workout in case you were wondering!

Train your muscles and your spine

I remember very well back in 2012 when Sam Attrill, presented me with this very cool trophy commemorating my 50th contest.

So what has my chiropractor Clinton, a foam roller and spiky balls got to do with this piece of CW trivia??


Your spine and discs need to be manipulated & mobilized so as to maintain overall joint health.

I regularly catch up with Clinton, as I did today, for a good cracking and realignment.

I also religiously do my mobility exercises for my spine each night before I hit the hay.

To all you fine young Gentlemen, take heed of what I say and start looking after your spine now so you can keep training well into your senior years as CW has been able to do.

So as this final Blog for 2014 draws to a close I would like to wish one and all a very merry Christmas, wonderful festive season with your family and friends as well as a sensational New Year.

As soon as the New Year kicks in I won’t need to set any resolutions as the 1st of January will mark the start of my pre-contest phase for the May season of bodybuilding competition. I have no choice but to simply just make it happen!! Perhaps you should do something similar??

I look forward to blogging again in 2015 and sharing more tips and info with my awesome ANB family.

Best wishes until then, CW.