Recently my son Luke (the young guy in the green trunks) competed in the ANB Bodybuilding Championships in Sydney. It was his first competition and he had one of the most enjoyable days of his life.

He was a complete novice, having never even been to watch a bodybuilding event before, let alone compete in one. However, he decided to give it a go.

Everyone was extremely supportive and friendly on the day. This included the help Luke received when he and his mate were caught reading the instructions on how to apply the magic “Dream Tan” just before going on stage! (Thanks to the lovely blond headed lady who was helping out the back!)

During the day, Luke was subjected to drug testing procedures – being a newcomer he expected he would be. Further follow up tests have ensured that Luke is in good health. He supports such testing, as he only agrees to having a natural approach to bodybuilding.

— Christine Belcher